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2020 HS baseball players....feeling stress about college opportunities?

In a time that many will consider the single most difficult transition from HS baseball to College baseball in history, many 2020 HS baseball players (and parents) are wondering what is going to happen.  If you’re one of those, let’s discuss some options.  Things that you might be able to do to make it feel a little less helpless.

The Landscape:

* The NCAA/NAIA has determined that every SR has been given an extra year of eligibility.  Granted, some will have graduated and will want to simply move on.  But many will choose to come back.  That decision immediately impacts the players that our 2020 HS graduates who will be competing against those Sr’s for roster spots.  Yes, the NCAA has also ruled that if that SR returns it does not impact the roster limit.  However, it does impact possible repetitions.

* All Junior Colleges have also given every participant their year of eligibility back….so not only the SO’s, but the FR as well.  Some of the SO’s will return, some will leave.

* All 2020 HS graduates (let alone all the other grad classes) have already missed a lot of their spring season and the rest of the season is in jeopardy.  Those are incredibly valuable reps for those guys to best prepare them to step on campus in the fall and compete.

* All the 2020 HS graduates that had already committed, still have a home place to go….although it’s going to be a more difficult road than ever before with those college players returning and them (the HS Sr’s) losing so many valuable reps this spring.

* All of the 2020 HS graduates that have not found a home, have some work to do - and in a current environment that doesn’t allow for them to do much on the field.

What can be done NOW:

* With literally tons of time on your hands (no school, no jobs, no studying, no baseball practices/games, etc.) you should be working extremely hard to stay in “game” shape so that you are immediately ready to make an impact if/when the season is renewed.  Don’t lose a single day of brushing off the rust once you’re allowed back on the field.  Be ready!

* Since your fall baseball tryout (at whatever college you attend) is going to be so much more difficult than ever before for, one of the things you can do is gain positive weight right now.  No excuses for not being able to eat correctly, get plenty of sleep and workout to get much stronger than you have ever been.  Do NOT wait until your FR year of college to get stronger.  And virtually ALL baseball players out of CO make that mistake.  They simply think they are good enough and since the college recruited them, they are surely going to not only make the team, but play right away.  And that generally doesn’t happen.  Especially at the 4 year level (and now there will be 5 years worth of players).  Put a plan in place TODAY and get to work on it.  Nutrition, Sleep, Lift

* If you have a college commitment already, reach out as often as you can to your college coach to just talk about what they are going thru, how it could impact you, and more.  But do not ghost them.  You have the time - take advantage of it.  Ask questions (how many SR’s are returning?  Do they play the position you do? Does anything impact your possible scholarship? Are they still committed to you? etc.  But do NOT wait until you get there to find out these answers.  

* If you have NOT found a college, get on the phone and talk to schools. They (the schools) also don’t have anything going on for the most part so take advantage of that.  Make them aware of your interest in them.  Send them video.  Give them your “trusted advisor’s” information.  Be tenacious!  Do not sit back and wonder why they aren’t calling you.  They are dealing with a lot and if you hammer on them, they will see your desire/passion.  That can help you as much as anything else.  

What can be done before the fall:

* If you have a college commitment already, hope that you are allowed to start playing games and if you are, get in as MANY games as you possibly can.  Do not take shortcuts.  Do not take the last 3 weeks of summer to hang out with friends and family (if you have a true desire to make your college team and get playing time).  No vacations.  These are not normal times so you have to make exceptions.  Get stronger!  Do “band work” every day to keep your arm in shape so once games start you don’t immediately get shut down because your arm is “sore”.  It’s not about being seen…it’s about being ready to compete and getting the most reps in that you can.

* If do not have a college commitment yet, do some of the work mentioned above….and just like the kids that are already committed, you need to get in as many games as possible.  That said, a couple critical showcases this summer might be a very good fit for you.  Not team events, but events where you can go and showcase some skills.  But know this, some players are not showcase players and if you’re not one of them, then you might look at visiting individual schools that you are interested in, or are interested in you (once we get the clearance to travel).

Ultimately it’s competition and you’ve been dealt a bad hand.  You could wallow in that and make excuses about how you just weren’t given a chance.  Or you can do the work, be more prepared than ALL the other kids in the same boat and COMPETE.  You will come out stronger on the other side of this, regardless of where you play or do not play.



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