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College Camp Recap
Posted Aug 14, 2017

College Showcase Camp Recap

For the 5th consecutive year we, Lightning Baseball, have operated our own COLLEGE SHOWCASE CAMP allowing all of our players to not only get some instruction from college coaches, but to also allow those players to perform in front of those decision makers (head coaches and/or recruiting coordinators). In addition, the players (and parents) received an incredibly informative seminar on the entire recruiting process (academics, athletics, timing, what coaches look for, what they avoid, and much, much more).  After the seminar, which was wholly interactive with the players, parents and coaches, the players had 3 different camp sessions and face/face time w/ the college coaches. In the afternoon, all position players were video’d to collect snippets for their HD RECRUITING VIDEO that the players will be able to send to colleges for recruiting purposes. Saturday evening all of the college coaches, along w/ several Lightning coaches, went to dinner to spend time discussing the Lightning players.  As it is every year, there were many different kids discussed.  Some comments made directly by the different coaches at dinner...

"He really has a chance, on the mound, so he needs to give up spending time at…" (this was MULTIPLE players)

"Really like him, but his body language needs to change!"

"I’m very interested, but I’d like to see him put on some muscle/strength."

"He could be the best player in your entire program in another year or so…"

"Great grades…size…ability to hit…what’s not to like!"

"Actually looks really good, especially given it’s not his normal position."

"I like him, but he’s regressed from where he was a year ago - we are looking for progression over that time…"

"I remember him from last year and he’s turned himself into a very projectable player!" 

On Sunday, all the kids were split into 4 different teams, to play games.  While two teams were playing, the other kids ran 60’s, and gathered exit velocities in the cages hitting off of a T.  The games were played in front of 13 different college coaches where every pitcher got to throw at least one inning and every hitter got 3 different AB’s. All in all, there were so many kids that made impressions.  Most of them on the positive side, some need to work much more on their body language, attitude, effort, etc. So in summary, the kids received a recruiting seminar, camp instruction from college coaches, an HD recruiting video for them to send to any college they desire, timed 60’s, exit velocities, game reps, innings pitched and AB’s, and finally, a written evaluation (completed by those same college coaches), a total of roughly 14 hours of time in front of those coaches and another opportunity to prove they should be considered for one of our Lightning summer teams.  I know for a fact that there has already been communication between some of the colleges and some of the kids!  And as we explained to all the boys, they need to do research on the schools that attended, and if they have any desire and their evaluation identified them as a player that has a chance to compete at that level, they should then reach out to those schools.  For some of the boys, it’s simply too early for them, not because of their grade, but because of their size, athleticism, GPA, etc…things that need to be improved upon before some schools can actually consider recruiting them.